Sopra Steria Annual Kick-off


Sopra Steria was enthralled by the event organised by EPIC India.

Approach & Summary-

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation approached EPIC India to organize their Annual Event for the 4th year in a row. 

The theme for the Kick-off remains at the core of the planning each year since it becomes an identity for the company’s progress as well as its vision for the year-round.

From the theme ‘Move On’ in 2016 which showcased the gradual but remarkable progress of the company’s segments, we delivered the following year’s kick-off on the theme ‘Move Up’. The theme was a fair succession to the former and was a motivational call for its employees to make the company grow further.

Since Epic delivered events with exceptional themes for all these years, it was once again our chance to turn heads.  Hence, in 2019 the EPIC squad came up with a remarkable concept ‘STRETCHING YOUR BOUNDARIES’, which passed on the message to the people that for how far they want to go to bring changes in them for better and by doing so, changing their perspective on things imperceptibly.

This year we picked up their tagline ‘The World Is How We Shape it’ which was introduced recently to re-brand their communication and vision message. This concept was brought to life by blending in the human and digital sides (shaping the world) in each element of the event.

Epic brought certain avant-garde elements to the table with LIVE MANNEQUINS being the key attraction. These mannequins with hidden cameras were capturing the incredible expressions of the audience. These were later turned into a flash mob dancing their way to the conference venue. The whole sequence was very well choreographed and practiced. It was much appreciated by the attendees as it was something no one had experienced before. It also gave the theme a practical meaning.

This was followed by a dance performance featuring students from an NGO. Several remarkable videos and graphics made by team EPIC were shuffled between the content and presented LIVE on the big screens. Another major attraction at the event was a highlight video that was shot and edited on the spot by us to be played towards the end of the conference. Another unusually attractive element of the event was a transformer engaging the crowd at the bar while closing down the event in an epic way.

What made the event even more special was the presence of their global CEO who had come all the way from France to attend the event. A special AV based on his journey was played on the grand stage the moment he stepped in, making it a glorious moment for everyone present there.

Result -

Both the concept and the execution of the event was highly appreciated by Sopra Steria. And what more could we ask for, other than A HAPPY CLIENT?