National Sales Meeting


How a fortune 500 company placed faith in EPIC for the 4th consecutive year.

Approach & Summary-

A leading medical technology company being one of our top clients approached us for the annual sales meeting to be organised in Jaipur.

The sales meet was an opportunity to appreciate the sales target achievers and reward their outstanding performances in a grand R & R to set the motivational tone for the coming year.

The national sales meeting is the biggest event of the year for the client, as it decides and defines the identity for their performing year. We conceptualized a gladiator themed event named ROAR (Recharge, Optimize, Achieve and Rise) to rightly represent their business tone for the year and motivates everyone to achieve better. Succeeding from the theme of celebrating individual and success, we came upon Winning Together, as a statement of resolute purpose to collaborate and succeed.

This year, as the client progressed together to achieve more, the theme was decided as we are driven to deliver showcasing their team spirit of executing excellence and exceeding expectations.

We began by conceptualizing the graphics and multi-media alike. Since the venue Jaipur was a major point of attraction for the event attendees, we built the hype amongst the employees using the cultural elements of the city through our mailers and short videos.

Being an integrated visual communication company, we went for complete digital branding of the premise, with a special perception wall which was the highlight amongst other installations. We prepared motivational and brand AVs to be played on the screens that changed according to the time and agenda.

Day 1 was off to a magnificent start with a sequence of breaking a speedometer on screen by the India MD before the theme-reveal video. The fun, engaging and motivational plenary ended and we were left with less than an hour’s time to revamp the day’s setting into a cultural, royal gala-night. Detailing was the most important part of this ambience change.

The segment that stole the night was the awards night. The audience witnessed more than 10 awards throughout the ceremony, interspersed with multiple performances. The evening began with a bang with Nathulal Solanki’s troupe’s Nagadas creating an energetic boom. To bring all the royal colours of Jaipur on stage, a folk dance sequence that engaged the audience followed. The Indian leadership team wanted to do something special for the employees, so they surprised them with a grand entrance amid the show. The awards night made everyone bring their best selves forward to have some fun while Epic ensured everything fell in place.

Day 2 had various breakout sessions along with the sales presentations planned in the venue, for which Epic supported with the logistics.

Day 3 was the last day of the meeting wherein an enthralling team-building activity was planned. The employees were divided into 4 zones and 4 outdoor locations, but Epic managed all segments of the activity with great ease.

Result -

It was the fourth consecutive national sales meeting that Epic had organised for this client, yet again delivering beyond expectations. We had received immense appreciation from the client for putting in such great efforts. The understanding and trust of the client to partner with us for their important events is a testimonial of the zeal and precision that Epic brings to the table.