Grohe Faucet Launch: The Ikigai Weekend


An exclusive launch for Lixil curated by Epic attended by renowned architects and designers from all over India.

Approach & Summary-

Lixil India wanted to host a premium launch event in Goa with India’s top architects and designers.

Epic India had created a walkthrough of the new age designs and brochures of the various brands to ensure an informative beginning to the event. The architects walked along the insightful displays procured by us to get a thorough view of all the elements.

The grand opening of ‘THE EXPERIENCE STUDIO’ was followed by a celebrity speaker session who is a notable speaker/judge at several international architectural events held in various countries. Each attendee present there was a high-profile architect and their requisites were taken care of by our MICE team quite well.

An Insightful session was taken by a TEDx Speaker & a well-known profound artist followed. The evening then had to be closed by some light artistic music, cocktails, and a grand dinner to complete the welcoming of all our esteemed guests.

The next day started with an engaging experience activity called ‘The Big Picture’ which was planned and executed well by our team that got everyone to participate with great excitement. It seemed like a painting activity but in essence, was a perfect way to showcase sustainable design to save water which happened to be the overall theme. Later on, a master class session was taken by an expert, for which Epic’s visual team had created stimulating videos and communication designs.

The preview of the innovative Pre-fab bathroom and the launch of the most awaited faucet, which was futuristic yet stylish left the audience mesmerised.

From eloquent engagement activities to an authentic Goan dinner, it was indeed a sought after event organized by EPIC.

Despite having just 16 hours to create the faucet & prefab modular bathroom unveiling, along with managing transfers from 18 different cities across all four regions, our team rose to the occasion to deliver this logistical challenge in record time.

Result -

“Great efforts put in by Epic team…..things looked a little bumpy at first but the whole team came together to deliver a very smooth event. A great start to this 1st Weekend and many more to come, can’t thank you guys enough.”  Yet another enriching feedback to get us going!