Global Employee Engagement for Evalueserve


Over 200 projects delivered to Evalueserve by EPIC India.

Approach & Summary-

Evalueserve, a leading global analytics company with a strong foothold in India has partnered with Epic India to be on-board as their multi-media, design and production agency for all kinds of employee engagement activities and events that they run throughout the year.

Epic delivers employee engagement plans for the company across the globe, both virtually and physically. Our reach is not only limited to their Indian centre but also their global centres.

From large scale events like annual events to small scale events like off-sites, we deliver splendid shows throughout the year.

Their annual off-sites which are inclusive of a weekend getaway with recreation & leisure being quintessential are delivered by Epic India with exceptional thematic planning and execution.

The international off-sites for the client are also planned & managed by us with the support of our proficient MICE team for whom boundaries rarely matter when it comes to securing the best travel, boarding, and lodging arrangements. A special mention for the same would be an off-site to Abu Dhabi which was taken care of by Epic in record time.

Being Evalueserve’s multi-media partner, we provide them with various solutions related to videos, design, and web presence. We recently launched an internal employee app for them, the launch was live telecasted across all locations of the company including the US, UK, China, Qatar, UAE, Germany, Romania and India. The launch lasted for two days where we recorded streaming of 1000+ people watching the launch live. The event created a lot of buzz amongst the employees as they watched the features getting revealed.


We organised a two-day development conclave for the client themed as ‘ILLUME’ to represent a continuous learning approach. More than 1100 people participated in this intensive conclave that is launched twice a year and went on for 55+ hours with live streaming.

‘Hackathon 2019’ was organized in India as an opportunity for the employees to showcase their best ideas and strengthen the company’s innovative and creative culture. We supported the client’s logistic and visual communication needs endlessly during this two-day event.

We collaborate on many internal campaigns together. During employee’s work from home period, Epic ran a campaign that engaged the employees through various virtual events, sessions, and webinars.

Apart from the visual and cinematographic support given during the events, we also produce videos for the client during festive and special occasions.

Result -

Evalueserve’s trust in Epic India for standing up to the expectations in due time motivates us to work even harder. It is our partnership with the client that we value the most.