AliveCor On Ground Activation with “It Gets Easy With ECG

Approach & Summary-

AliveCor India is a global innovator & pioneer in transforming cardiac care using mobile technology. One of its leading devices, the KardiaMobile 6L, is the world’s first and only US FDA-cleared 6 lead ECG device to monitor heart rhythm in just 30 seconds.

With the rapid increase of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in India, heart care has never been so important. CVD has now become the leading cause of mortality in India, and there are about 260 million Indians affected by heart disease. India tops the world in heart attacks among 35+ year old men, making innovative solutions like KardiaMobile 6L a growing necessity.

AliveCor’s solution to India’s growing burden of CVD risk was to prevent heart disease remotely. By providing an innovative solution that helps to detect the common arrhythmias – Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Bradycardia in just 30 seconds, consumers can monitor their heart health remotely and prevent cardiac risk.

While the outlook of the company appears positive, the lack of awareness about the device among consumers beyond social media platforms is significant. Even with a sizable amount of digital presence after being launched a year ago in India, the brand needed consumers to personally experience the transformation the device was capable of.
To make the brand recognizable and make it an extraordinary solution meant offering value beyond the device and solving healthcare’s problem. It was time to showcase the key element of what goes into making a brand truly successful – the actual product.



Epic India came up with more personalized solutions to reach AliveCor’s targeted customers and provide more tangible experiences that are exciting and memorable. Rather than passively promoting the brand, Epic India inclined towards engaging the audience in the co-creation of their marketing activities, and that’s what is known as “on-ground activation.”

We created a solid on-ground activation campaign, “It Gets Easy with ECG,” to engage customers and boost brand awareness locally. We created the marketing campaign to help the brand rise above the market clutter and reach out to regular people, doctors, healthcare professionals, and others.

To match the personalized solution for heart health like KardiaMobile 6L, creating a highly personalized marketing strategy was integral to brand awareness.

With “It Gets Easy with ECG ”, we formulated 3 different on ground activation programmes to capture genuine reactions from regular consumers about the product.

We brought India’s top cardiologist to discuss how AI-based ECG monitoring helps combat cardiac arrhythmia. The panel and speakers included leading cardiologists and doctors like Dr. R.R. Kasliwal, Dr. Anurag Sharma, Dr. Basant Kumar, and more, who joined forces to highlight the need for innovative cardiac care in India.

We reached out to hospitals like mHealth, Max Healthcare, Medanta, and more to partner with the brand to target RWA communities in Delhi NCR. By organizing heart healthy activities and exercises at RWA communities in Rail Vihar, Ask Automotive, Pragati Apartments, East Kidwai Nagar, Rudrabhishek Enterprise, Neelgiri Apartment, Rohini, JMD Garden, Himgiri Apartment, Dhingri Apartment, we brought attention to heart health in Indian families.

To make heart care as simple as shopping, we stopped shoppers at Delhi NCR’s malls to test the benefit of smart ECG in just 30 seconds.

The on ground activation helped customers to experience the device for themselves at malls, hospitals, exhibitions, doctor’s conferences and more, which helped to increase the brand’s customer loyalty.

The on-ground campaign was wildly successful. We got over 3000+ participants in malls, and over 6000 family members participated and conducted their ECG on the go! The campaign also showed the potential to increase customer loyalty.

Result -

5900+ family participation.
Covered 10 RWA communities and managed to take 1000+ ECGs of children, senior citizens and other family members.
In just 4 malls, we took over 3000+ ECG of shoppers.