Marketing vs Branding, What is the difference?

Have you been receiving uninterested head nods whenever you talk about your business to someone?

If yes, then don’t be conscious of their gesture rather reinforce your communication or messaging. Consciously or unconsciously people tend to convey their emotions. Understand these communicational cues in a conversation and help your business generate a wider range of marketing.

Promotion, Process, Strategy, People…the list to market a brand or a business is infinite.  If you think you have reached the end of the tunnel, you might want to reconsider. The end of the tunnel takes you back to the starting point. There would be multiple buzzwords revolving around the building blocks of your business, and the most prominent of them would be marketing and branding. Therefore having a clear understanding of their chronology in a business game is salient. This article breaks down the two business ideologies for your better understanding.

Definition of Brand Communication

Getting down to the brass track marketing is basically a set of tools, processes, strategies constructed for the dynamic promotion of the product, brand, and its services. It suffices the actions that would enable a customer to buy your product. Think of it like this, every time you enter a mall and you find a marketing head of a brand talking to the customer about itself, understand how they incorporate their skills in words. It is a strategic communication that captivates the customers to buy the product or services. Marketing Agency is the best form of communication that a brand does through different platforms.

Whereas on the other hand, Branding is an insight into your company. It is a communication that we build with the people. It is an agile practice of marketing that we use to shape the brand. Branding defines your business. The visions, goals, and values of the company that makes the brand unique and different. The key elements of the brand are of great importance. The logo, website, and brand guidelines should connect with the people. Marketing can get customers on board but branding enables them to sustain.

How is Marketing Different from branding?

Both marketing and branding require a structured strategy to ensure results. Both of them should be treated with equal importance.

  • Marketing encapsulates the customer whereas branding ensures their sustainability.
  • Marketing can drive loads of sales through different platforms whereas branding brings in loyalty and recognition.
  • Marketing strategies develop with time. We can have multiple marketing strategies but Branding remains the same for years.
  • Branding is built out of the team efforts, their understanding of their company. It is made up of the vision that the team sees together for their business.
  • Marketing is centric towards analysis. Generating results out of recurring strategy matters.

Having a brand in the ocean of brands following the same process of reaching out to the customers can become a bit competitive. If you want to survive the high tide, customers’ attention is the solution and marketing is the only way. The battles begin with conquering the interest of the customer. After getting a hold on a good number, let branding take the charge.

Human psychology invests in something it believes in. Having faith in the brand only helps you generate business. People want to be with a brand that stands above the other brands. Marketing plays an efficient role here and increases the visibility of the brand. To bring your brand on the front line try building a brand that can connect with people.

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Maintaining consistency can help you build up a brand that connects. It makes sure that content, communication, marketing, events, and sub-brands are aligned with your desired communication. Said in a different way, branding is a blueprint that builds strong brand equity. Branding comes before marketing. You cannot start marketing your brand unless you have a design for your brand. Place your brand before you think of a marketing strategy. Answer the question of who you are as a brand. Once you get the answer to it start planning a structured marketing strategy.

Marketing and Branding go hand in hand. Make use of both to take your business to a next level.

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